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Biennial Review - March 2024



The GCDGA (formerly GCFDA) is a 501c3 non-profit founded in 1985 to promote, expand, and maintain disc golf in the Greater Cincinnati area. In the 37 years since, club members have shown amazing dedication to honor this mission.

The primary focus is our local courses. And you our members!

The club has been involved in the creation of most of the courses that we all love and play. In support, GCDGA has worked to maintain a constant dialogue and partnership with the numerous park systems that contain these courses.

And GCDGA has spent countless time on design, coordinated thousands of volunteer hours, and held donation fundraisers for course improvement and repair.

Beyond this, the club typically holds several beginner clinics each year as well as numerous tournaments that are open to all players. The GCDGA tournaments are thoughtfully designed to provide great events for beginners through local and regional pros.

All money raised by the club through fundraising and tournaments is spent in support of its mission and our local courses. Officers and members performing this work are unpaid and donate their time to the club. And the time spent by volunteers is greatly appreciated and needed.

The last two years were no exceptions to this strong history of supporting disc golf in our area. Here are some highlights of activities involving club members during the past two years:

  1. Alternative pin positions at Johnson Hills

  2. Burnet Woods DGC redesign and expansion

  3. Woodland Mound DGC redesign and refresh

  4. Jomez Putting Game support at Coney Island

  5. Johnson Hills DGC beginner clinic

  6. Beginner clinic with Arrow Adventures at Xavier DGC

  7. GCDGA youth league

  8. GCDGA Wednesday rotating league

  9. Mt. Airy DGC holes A and B availability and maintenance, and alternate pin locations

  10. Cowen Lake DGC installation

  11. Devou Park DGC installation

  12. Idlewild Open volunteer support and fundraising

  13. Continued support of UC DisCats

  14. Osage DGC after tornado cleanup and coordination with USDA for dangerous tree and limb removal

  15. $3,000 donation to Devou Park to support repair of Devou DGC after repeated vandalism

  16. $2,400 donation to Williamsburg Parks to support upgrades at Williamsburg DGC

  17. $500 donation to Vineyard Church and basket purchase facilitation to replace stolen equipment at Vineyard DGC

  18. Donation of purchased Uplay baskets to support programs at Finneytown HS

Add the installation of Johnson Hills DGC and Vineyard DGC in recent years to this list and it is easy to see the value of the GCDGA for the Greater Cincinnati area.

But none of this is possible without YOU -- your volunteer time, and your membership in the GCDGA. And for that we thank you.

There are members that consistently contribute and support club activities every year, but not nearly enough.

Club officers and a few dedicated members can spend 100’s of hours each year per person on club meetings, running tournaments, fundraising activities, course work, park department outreach, course design, and administrative work.

We NEED more members to be involved to sustainably maintain this level of activity. Please consider volunteering!

Volunteering just a few hours of your time during the year truly makes a difference. To this end, the club has introduced a “Course Ambassador” program designed to share the load and keep all of our courses in the best shape possible.

Please consider this new, unique role. Exciting things will happen when more members get involved.

And top of the list would be the submission of a bid for the GCDGA to host AM Worlds for 2026 or 2027. Please attend club meetings at 7PM on the first Monday of the month at O’Bryons Pub in O’Bryonville. Let us know how you can get involved!

Here is a brief list of things on the table for 2024 and beyond. Some items may be multi-year projects, but always stay on the club radar.

  1. Course Ambassador program

  2. Johnson Hills DGC alternative tee positions

  3. Fox Run DGC - $2,400 from fundraiser allocated

  4. Lincoln Ridge DGC improvements - $900 from fundraiser allocated

  5. Highland Hills DGC course improvements

  6. Mt. Airy DGC - major improvements

  7. Cincinnati State DGC improvements/redesign

  8. Idlewild DGC improvements

  9. Info kiosk at Burnet and continued clearing of long pin positions

  10. Members-only GCDGA event at Devou Temp DGC on ball golf course

  11. AM Worlds bid for 2026 or 2027 ?

  12. Flying Pig Open elevated to an A-tier

  13. Mt. Airy DGC holes A and B alternate pin locations

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