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GCDGA Leagues


Leagues are a great way to learn more about disc golf in a more casual and relaxing atmosphere than some tournaments.  Players are teamed up with another player, and play in a handicapped team format against other players of their skill level. 


There are spring, summer, and fall leagues that travel between many of the local courses.  They offer new players an opportunity to play with some of the better players in the city while they learn the sport.

There are 3 leagues per year: Spring, Summer and Fall.

  • These are ‘handicap’ leagues so everybody has a chance to win prizes

  • The fee is $20 for both GCDGA members and non-members.

  • Fees pay for prizes, park/club donations, and a league-end party.

Spring and Summer Leagues
  • Played on Wednesday evenings at local Cincinnati area courses. 

  • 18 hole format. 

  • Tee off by 6:00PM.

  • Partners are assigned based on averages. The lowest average player is matched with the highest average player, the 2nd highest average player is matched with the 2nd lowest average player, etc. This helps to even out inherent problems with handicap systems, and it allows new players to learn from more experienced players.

  • If you have not played in GCDGA leagues in the last 3 years, you need to ‘qualify’ for league play (see below).   

  • Handicaps are adjusted weekly based on average.  If two people who are competing throw their "typical" round, in theory, neither will take points.  If the person who has a worse average shoots better than normal, this would allow him to take points.  

  • The number of weeks that are played depends on how many teams there are in each league. The schedule is set up so that each team plays each of the other teams once or twice. 

  • Spring league starts the 1st week after daylight savings time begins. Summer league follows Spring league with a 1 week break in between. Fall leagues start about 1 week after Summer leagues end.


Fall League

  • Played on Sunday mornings normally. Have played on Saturdays in the past, but Sunday is the current popular choice. 

  • This league travels further distances, but still stays regional. Typical courses for Fall league are Miami Oxford, Cabin Creek, Dayton courses, Columbus courses, and Shillito in Lexington. 

  • Tee off by 10:00AM. 

  • Partners are assigned the same as in Spring/Summer leagues.


New Player Qualification

The most important thing about leagues is that you need to be able to get to the courses on time, and you need to play every week. We allow 1-3 misses for each league depending on the length of the league. When this happens, you are scored as if you played an average round.

New league players must come out and play a minimum of 3 times in one season in any of the leagues although they're not really in the league yet. We will find a foursome, or hopefully a three-some for them to join.  This gives us three or more good scores on a variety of courses that can be used to establish a representative starting average for the next league.

It also gives the new player a chance to decide if league play is an enjoyable format for disc golf. In recent years, we have had record numbers of new players join our leagues, but we also had record numbers of drop outs. We hope that this new policy will take care of the drop out problem while allowing us a way to also establish good starting averages for new players.


For more information or to sign up for leagues, contact Dave Marlow at with your name and phone number.

Thank you for your interest in leagues.

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