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Make your Voice be heard!!!

Have you ever been to a course and thought, "This place would be great if they got new tee pads"? Or, "If they trimmed the honeysuckle back I would love this place". Whether you have compliments or complaints this is the place for you!!! The GCDGA is setting up links so that you can voice your opinions to the parks that ultimately have the final say in what gets done to their courses. The GCDGA is committed to helping in any way possible to help maintain or improve any course in the Greater Cincinnati area. But you must realize we can't do that without permission. If you have a concern for a course, let the people in charge know. Feel free to mention that the GCDGA is available, willing, and ready to assist and support any effort to improve the courses.    

Hamilton County Courses:


Miami Whitewater

Winton Woods

Woodland Mound

Contact Information:

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